My uneventful day

(ignoring the fact that I overslept for tuition and flew out of the house faster than buzz lightyear) I got a call from the Havaianas shop at takashimaya informing me to collect the slippers that I sent in for repair. My reply was “wasn’t that very long ago?” and by long I think it was like 2 or 3 years back? I didn’t go back because I was so busy and had already bought another pair and I was lazy lol. BUT THEN, MY TRUSTY HAVAIANAS BROKE IN HONGKONG. ON THE DAY I WAS ALONE SOMEMORE! But it’s ok, they have served me well. So the past few days I’ve been using the ipanemas ah cat got me and I’ve received a few compliment because they are cute but not my style ley LOL. sorry ah cat HAHAHHA. So I wanted to get a new pair of havaianas but then I received a call from the taka branch. Perfect timing or what! My first thought was WOW, WHAT IMPECCABLE TIMING. Although I wouldn’t mind a new one haha. 

In the evening my mom bought me a note 4 since my current phone is soooo laggy it is totally a grandfather phone now. She got the black one and I hate to admit that I wasn’t very excited when I got it because somehow it didn’t feel right. Then I went to google the note 4 to find out the specs and what not and I found out that the note edge existed! It’s not out yet and I don’t know if it is released in Singapore BUT IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. I don’t mind waiting longer for it to come out since I’ve already been living with my super lag phone for so long anyway. So I posted an advert on gumtree and i sold it! Feeling quite proud of myself since I think I sold it at a price that’s average or slightly above market price ;) You have no idea how worried I was if I couldn’t sell it, because I told myself that I’d give the adverts/postings 3 days and if I couldn’t sell the phone at a reasonable price I’d use it myself!

And fat brother just told me that this time last week, we were slurping ramen in Hong Kong and preparing to go to Disneyland the next day :(

4/10/14, Hong Kong - Ocean park!

Yay my second Tiffany! Can you guess what it is? lololol

I’ve had my eye on this for quite some time and I decided that since I’ve liked it for that long, I must like it enough to get it <3

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My brother and I fighting over who gets to cut the cake.

The years have turned us from the knife-snatching-kids into partners-in-crime (things behind our mother’s back and bullying ckash).

13/9/14, Tioman - Before the first dive! 

Been craving for Smoothie King since I had my wisdom tooth extracted!

Hit a road bump yesterday I have no idea why but it just felt like such a long painful day and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Phew now life is good again.