Throwback Thursday

Not doing an internship this summer but I’ll be doing a summer term so there will be no slacking and rolling about doing nothing!

Anyway I stumbled upon some pictures from my previous internship and I can totally get why I was so sure I had put on weight. Everyday after work if I did not eat out with friends, I’d buy back the super fattening friend beef beehoon, handburger or roast goose rice <3 Then I’d also get a dessert from across the road which is a bad habit I picked up from Soo Siying who always had a dessert after every meal tsk tsk. 

Here’s a look at the kind of grocery shopping I did:






So unhealthy but so good and convenient


I recall that in my secondary school and jc days, when I slept late and had only about 5 to 6 hours of sleep I’d feel so tired and depressed even before I slept. Now I’m satisfied if I manage to squeeze in 4 hours of sleep.

Going around pranking people by complaining about this non-existent asshole and showing them the idiot’s fb link - which leads to their own home page HAHAHHA

Happy April’s Fool!

Totally committed to healthy eating ytd, and then KOed my one day progress by having pizza and ribs for lunch today. Oops!

And…. here it is. The inevitable first cup of coffee of the sem that marks the start of project week and the impending finals.

I’m finally so burned out I have resorted to coffee.

On a positive note, it’s already week 14 and this is my first cup!

Busy busy busy. 

On a side note, i miss my long hair alr :(

AFA mid term down + Audit slides submitted + the shortest hair I’ve had in awhile = sleepy but accomplished me

Throwback to a happy place 

Today I got a free parking coupon today from a nice gentleman who was kind enough to walk across the parking lot to pass it to me! Shall pass on the kindness <3