Ximending before the rain.

Ohai, Shilin Yeshi.

At Shilin night market today, my bro and I came across this shop selling penis shaped donuts, icecream and pineapple tarts LOL. The abit-too-friendly-boss kept urging us to take pictures with the samples and we ended up buying a “donut”. Like wtf right hahahaha. I think he called the chocolate one a “black dick” or something along those lines?

Ok but frankly speaking, the chocolate cream wasn’t tasty because it tasted like cheap oily chocolate. And then there was like white cream in the middle… we couldn’t finish it la!

This must be how they make money, from people like us lol but how not to buy?!?! It’s a fucking penis shaped donut HAHAHAHHAHA

Please don’t judge me lololololol the shopkeeper who I asked helped me throw the remaining part was totally judging. :( We only bought it cause it was funny!!

****-ing huge clam! Even the flesh is bigger than the spoon. And sea urchin that looks too cute to be true. Excuse me hedgehog, sea urchin is in town!

So this is a typhoon..

2nd day of Kenting and I can more or less say that I’ve visited most attractions they have to offer. Today we went for lunch at the houbihu seafood market, and visited the 猫鼻头 rock because it was in the vicinity, then visited Baisha again because it was nearby. Can’t say I enjoyed myself much because yesterday set high standards for fun! Also I’m not really the sightseeing type of person so I’m not really impressed by rocks, so we didn’t venture on to the attractions which are basically different types of rocks la. I cannot even see how the moubitou rock looks like a moubitou -.-

The seafood at the houbihu harbour was good though. Super fresh fish, sea urchin, crab legs, some veg and 2 huge clams larger than my palm, all for about 70sgd? Wa oh and the bonus is, the rice they give is the fat sticky 珍珠米! I love it!

Anyway, we mainly came to kenting for the beach and to learn surfing! Ideally we would have liked to surf everyday BUT THE TYPHOON IS SCREWING IT ALL UP. Today all the beaches are closed due to the typhoon and things are looking bad tomorrow as well, so it sucks to be me in Kenting at this time. If there was no typhoon then I’d give Kenting 5 stars LOL like they care how many stars I give them.

So I’m just rolling around in the hotel after a nap, waiting to go to the night market for dinner. They only have 1 night market btw, but it is so freaking long! So I can try the other stuff I didn’t get to try yesterday hehehe. I have my eyes set on the baked potato with lots of nacho sauce that I tried with cat and lu a long time ago, as I recall it was quite good!

It’s pouring now btw, and has been pouring on and off the entire day. My ootd for today is a yellow poncho, but I still don’t know how to attach images to a “word” post.


Today I was fucking YOLO like seriously, I don’t know where I got the guts from to try rent a proper motorcycle when I can’t even bike well. I ended up in the middle of the opposite ride of the road with a scratch up my thigh just as I exited the bike shop lol so I guess that’s God’s way of telling me not to try anything stupid. But at least now I can strike “riding a motorcycle” off my bucket list!

We ended up getting an electronic motorbike instead but It. Is. So. Slow.
My grandfather walks faster seriously! And our mother doesn’t know, YET. I can only imagine her reaction hahaha when she hears about this.

Also learnt how to surf today and can I say that it’s freaking fun!! Like I can now understand why surfers travel around to chase waves and how the thrill of riding the wave makes the paddling and sunburnt so much more worth it!

That’s two awesome new experiences in a day yo!

So that basically concludes the two main activities I did in kending day 1. It was a long journey traveling over from taoyuan airport to kending, and it sucks because it happens to be typhoon season in taiwan so there’s a high possibility that water activities will be closed tomorrow. Oh well but the fact that I got to try riding a motorcycle and surf makes everything worth it!

Not sure how to attach pictures on to a tumblr post with words, but anyway I didn’t take much pictures so.. And I rode the wave all the way till shore but nobody caught it on camera :( #justsaying

It’s ok to be a glowstick; sometimes we need to break before we shine.


What kind of airline promotes this

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