So i had my wisdom teeth removed today, and I have a freaking 5 day MC. That’s the longest MC I’ve ever gotten and the irony is I can’t use it cause I can’t afford to miss class or meetings. Le sigh. 

I asked my brother how was the pain like after plucking the teeth and in his words “It’s a bearable nagging pain.”. So I went to take a nap after reaching home and I woke up thinking WHAT NAGGING PAIN, SIMI IS NAGGING!! And there was blood in my mouth even after 2 hours and the taste of the blood makes me want to vomit. How am I supposed to take the painkillers if the water that I drink tastes bloody and gross! And I’m hungry but the thought of having to chew just puts me off. 

Oh and after the surgery, my lips were numb from the anesthetic I couldn’t feel my lips and they felt so swollen like sausages but they weren’t in reality! I just felt that way because I couldn’t feel them, it was such a weird feeling. The kind dentist gave me a mask to wear! My mom was very happy though because I could barely speak through the swollen lips and spongy tissue paper thingy in my mouth, she just kept talking all the way home. 

So all in all, I just feel like such a poor thing. :(  And I’m not so whiny usually but really, I just wanted to vent. Ok, off to feel sad about myself again. 

Back-to-school dive


I actually enjoyed the time being unable to access the internet, although I’m physically drained with aching muscles, I feel emotionally recharged and ready to take on week 5. BRING IT ON WEEK 5! Plus it’s so nice to not be checking emails and arranging project timings for a few days, I think it’s even better than break week which technically doesn’t count as break week.

Glad that my group was nice and helpful, and my buddy was funny (as usual), our new roommate was such a joy to talk to and so pretty, and our dive instructor took care of us nicely we felt like we were in safe hands. So many things to be thankful for! Also glad that I didn’t forget my ginger pills which tided me through all the potential seasickness (bad pun, sorry), the cat didn’t jump on my lap and for the company I enjoyed! The “resort” in Tioman was worse than I expected, I was thinking it’d be the same as the time I went to Bintan, but it’s ok Ahava has conditioned me well.

On diving

My family still isn’t supportive of my diving, they feel the underwater world is dangerous and you can never estimate the currents, plus they’re always watching the news who keeps reporting of divers in Tioman who didn’t make it. I agree on this but there is so much beauty under water it’s kinda hard to explain to them, and it’s different seeing it in real life than on discovery channel. It’s like standing on a high point and looking down at nature and going “WOW, God made this?”. I think it’s the same thing underwater just that you go really deep instead of really high up, and you marvel at the marine life!

I tried a night dive and a deep dive, things that I didn’t do the last time. The night dive was honestly quite scary, I kept worrying if I would bump into the corals by the side because our torch wasn’t very bright and Rachelle kept floating up. In the day it wouldn’t be so bad because you could still see her, but at night all I could see was a spinning light hovering somewhere up lol. I didn’t know if I should go pull her down or call our instructor, oh the dilemma. But I was scared mainly because it was so dark. When we got to the surface and we were back pedaling back to the boat, with the stars above and my body in the water, I loved it! 

The deep dive was different, and my first time going sooo deep. But the deeper you get, the better it gets! Saw slightly larger fishes than the ones in the shallower waters, saw larger corals and larger everything. If you like big, go deep! The currents underwater were quite strong though, we were all just drifting like seaweed (in my opinion). And my hovering skills are so bad, I have like a sand storm following me. If I dived with Darren and he wanted to do photography, he would be so pissed off with me I know it already :/ Saw a fish that seemed like a sucker fish and we were having a small commotion underwater hahaha everyone was trying to avoid it.

I think my favorite part was when Mike pointed us towards some corals and made us swim between this two rows of corals. SO FUN, SO PRETTY. 

Please teleport me back to Tioman, I’ve only been back a day and I miss it already. 

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Small little mooncake-like chocolates that have 中秋月圆 written on them. I like that this is symbolic of our reunions, especially now that it’s harder for us to have full attendance during meetups and also because the mid autmn festival is approaching.

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Best part of the Night Festival was the lighted balloons we got and the company!

Funny how we started out as friends and friends of friends yet we gel nicely together ♡

This heart of mine was made to travel.

4 years later and we finally managed to go overseas together again! Comparing this to our Taipei/Hong Kong trip 4 years ago, everything feels the same and yet so different. It’s still the 3 of us yet the topics we talk about and things we laugh about have changed.

I think I prefer the old crazy us.