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My brother and I fighting over who gets to cut the cake.

The years have turned us from the knife-snatching-kids into partners-in-crime (things behind our mother’s back and bullying ckash).

13/9/14, Tioman - Before the first dive! 

Been craving for Smoothie King since I had my wisdom tooth extracted!

Hit a road bump yesterday I have no idea why but it just felt like such a long painful day and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Phew now life is good again.

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THE TOOTH HURTS (continued)

So I extracted my wisdom teeth, got 5 days of MC, and life goes on. Hahaha ikr, wasn’t expecting anything less from this thing called life. 

Forced myself to school for meeting and class and today the whole day I’ve been eating baby food. Tauhwey, more tauhwey, soup and mnms (cause they just melt). Attempted small pieces of meat but they’re so hard to chew. Attempted grapes too but still :/ 

I’m just writing this so I remember in future how it was like the day after my tooth extraction. It’s not particularly exciting I know.

Moving on to more exciting stuff - IT’S BED TIME SOOOOOOONN!!