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Best part of the Night Festival was the lighted balloons we got and the company!

Funny how we started out as friends and friends of friends yet we gel nicely together ♡

This heart of mine was made to travel.

4 years later and we finally managed to go overseas together again! Comparing this to our Taipei/Hong Kong trip 4 years ago, everything feels the same and yet so different. It’s still the 3 of us yet the topics we talk about and things we laugh about have changed.

I think I prefer the old crazy us.

Tuesday again


I’m back from my short getaway to Bangkok with the 2 idiots and I have to say that Bangkok is really shopping paradise! I think the clothes in Taipei and Guangzhou are too Bugis and sometimes the quality is really… The clothes in HongKong are ookkkk, but Bangkok is the best in terms of design and price. 8 dollars for a jacket, 5 dollars for a shirt. I have died and gone to clothing heaven <3 Pratunam morning market is the best! Cheap cheap cheap!

Plus I’m a more rationale shopper now so I don’t go crazy buying everything just because they’re cheap and then only wear them once. So I’m quite happy with all my buys heh! 

Happy for Ah Cat now too because she can buy clothes from free sized shops, I remember a long time ago when she would have just bought lots of accessories and stationery. The difference determination makes!

Gotta head back to my readings since it’s Terrible Tuesday tomorrow and I have back to back lessons. Thank god I got my EAS mod so I can drop tomorrow’s evening lesson wheeeeeeeee~

I’ve also been reading Lang Leav and I have to say that she’s a really good poet. I can totally see why so many people are in love with her book. I can’t really relate to her poems at this point in my life though because most are kinda too melancholy for my liking, speaking about lost love and such. But I really like her way with words!

I’ll update with photos soon! 


Tuesday blues

Screw Monday blues. They are nothing compared to what I feel on Tuesday. 

I had 3 consecutive lessons today starting from 815am and by the end of the day, I already felt like I had been in school for a week. That’s about 10.5 hours of non-stop concentration #justsaying 

Fortunately the classes are ok and the profs are ok and the people are ok. But my brain cells and my back are not ok. Finally tried Wing Zone for dinner sian the chicken was not ok. But overall everything is ok. #annoying

Things I Miss:

1) Travelling 

2) Cold weather

3) Long hair

Morning class tomorrow. I CAN DO THIS 

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